In view of the increasing importance of digital data, it is fundamentally strategic to be able to count on a very sound, automatic backup system that is always in operation and which allows easy data recovery.

Our solution is based on a turnkey system, a very small machine with low consumption with - on board - the powerful Open Source software for centralized backup, BackupPC.
BackupPC is a high-performance system, at enterprise level, for carrying out backups for PCs and networked notebooks, whatever operating system is being used on the client machine (Linux, Unix, Windows™, MacOS™).

  • A very small, silent device, exempt from problems and with low consumption, it affords an automatic backup system, at enterprise level
  • It is virus proof and free from other malware
  • It is not subject to unnecessary licence costs
  • It even allows the recovery of very old files (years old) with a simple click on the web interface
  • It is independent from the operating system which contains the backup data
  • If necessary, it allows the recovery of files from any computer that is connected to internet, through a VPN and offers military degree security
  • It allows the immediate recovery of any files that have been cancelled by mistake
  • The QuasarDelivery service includes delivery of the product to the client, its configuration and explanation of the recovery method