QuasarDelivery was founded in 2007 as a Videomag S.r.l. project, market leader in the sector of in-store video communication.
Consisting of a team of professionals, who have been operating in different informatics sectors for many years, QuasarDelivery has decided to utilise and develop Free Software, in order to offer its clients, informatics solutions, technical advice, assistance, development, tailor-made solutions and training.

A commercial model, with customer service at its core.
Software, considered as a service and not as a product: no licence costs, but only tailor-made services for the solution of problems, to allow innovation at low costs.
This applies, particularly, to Small and Medium-sized Companies that wish to become competitive with cutting-edge instruments.

QuasarDelivery aims to guarantee all of its clients the benefits and added value which derive from the use and saving made available by Free Software, which is compliant with industrial standards, and thus avoid otherwise compelling ownership solutions, with their extra or hidden costs.

So that investments in the IT department may be money well spent.

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