With the advent of internet, the fax system has lost a great deal of its importance. Despite this, however, many companies still use it on a daily basis.

But why not combine the two advantages?

Q_Fax is an Open Source web application which allows users – with any type of computer – to read and send faxes without having to install any particular software.

With Q_Fax, it is possible to transform any type of document into a fax, as well as filing away incoming and outgoing documents as PDF files, including the possibility to receive them from different lines, run separately by different users.

  • A system that may be hosted either on a real or virtual PC
  • No more lost faxes because the paper has run out
  • Easy search and possibility to read faxes even when outside the office
  • Easy filing of old faxes without risk of losing files
  • Possibility to attach faxes to other documents pertaining to a project
  • Possibility to transform all incoming and outgoing faxes into e-mails for easy forwarding