The widespread daily use of digital data processing instruments has led to numerous and varied requirements by users.

There are many standard pre-packed products available, some even quite cheap, but they are not always up to the standards required by users, who would rather have tailor-made programmes.

QuasarDelivery is able to meet these requirements, by utilising the powerful instruments that are available through the Open Source world and Free Software, to create application software which is tailor-made.

In particular, we develop software that is used through a browser: independent from the operating system that is in use – which is lean, fast and solid.

  • A tailor-made software is perfect in order to suit one’s requirements
  • The use of Open Source instruments greatly reduces development costs
  • No licence costs, no limit to the number of PCs which may utilise the application software
  • Simple and user-friendly web interfaces, independent of the type of PC being used
  • Simple maintenance, assistance and remote extensions
  • No risk of depreciation of the investment
  • Use of the most recent technologies and programming languages