QuasarDelivery is an advanced digital communication service which can send multimedia content to any screen, wherever there is the possibility to have an internet connection, in order to deliver immediate and captivating messages to one’s public.


Inside or outside the premises, customers have a chance to preview spots or aimed advertising, in order to arouse interest in particular articles, arguments, to quickly discover new ones - to make the time spent waiting less boring, or simply, to transmit any kind of message in a very short time.
Opening hours and days, customer service, promotional days or themes, new products or product promotions, clips, spots, announcements, advice to customers, messages and video-courses, these are only some of the many things which - by means of exciting and captivating animation - can be delivered on a dedicated screen.
Extreme care and attention to the client which will result in customer loyalty and increased sales.


  • Because by utilising the best open source technologies available and a distributed exchange system, running costs are consequently reduced
  • Because our system is virus-proof and not open to attacks by means of spyware or malware and offers military degree security
  • Because we can afford to give a 24 hour service 365 days a year
  • Because we can offer a complete turnkey service, from production to distribution of video content
  • Because many machines can be run by very few people